MoWally for Business

The MoWally business app is designed for businesses to setup and manage their loyalty programs. Add your business information, custom rewards and monitor customers transactions.

Create Custom Rewards

Boost customer loyalty with unique rewards that fit your business and give your customers a reason to return again and again.

Increase your customer visits

Through a customer-facing digital rewards program, MoWally helps you identify the habits of your most loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Track Customer Activity

Understand who your customers are, how they're engaging with your loyalty program and what drives them back in.


MoWally for Shoppers

Shoppers can download the free MoWally app and instantly connect to our network of businesses already on the platform. Shoppers can view the list of business rewards available and participate by visiting any location.


Shoppers can check-in to a business by providing their mobile phone for scanning or giving the mobile number after any purchase and accumulate points every time they shop.

Get Rewards

Customers redeem their points for rewards with their phones at any business offering MoWally.